Speculative Fiction

Where The Map Ends


Today I would like to feature the website, Where The Map Ends. It is a site that focuses on publishing and promoting speculative fiction. Speculative fiction includes sci-fi and fantasy. The link provided will give the reader some information on this genre and for the writer, a possible place to publish. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Congratulations. You have reached the edge of what is known. Beyond this point, the map cannot help you.

  You should be proud: almost no one makes it this far. Now, take my   advice and turn around. If you keep traveling the way you’re going,   only God knows what you’ll find.

  But if you are determined to brave the blankness on your map, if   discovering what lies beyond the fringe does not terrorize you, then   go. And…I will come with you. For I, too, feel the call of this   void.

  Summon your courage, dear friend. Tighten your pack and gain a fix on   that star right there. Come, let us explore what no one has seen. Let   us find what lies in that realm where the map ends. Click here to read this article and discover more about Where The Map Ends.




Dyslexia Sources for Homeschoolers


Today I’m sharing some sources for students with dyslexia.

This site has some links that might help homeschoolers with curriculum.

There are many resources on this site.

Dianne Craft has great ideas for the struggling learner. Her daily learning schedule is helpful. Click here for more information.


Can I Really Homeschool?

What About Homeschooling?

Many people fear that their child will not take them seriously as a teacher if they try homeschooling. This is a valid concern if the child has been in the school system for a time.

Usually it takes about two years for your child to become free from that type of thinking, but it will happen and should not be a reason not to homeschool.

A Diamond in the Rough,


To Homeschool or not to Homeschool

Questions About Homeschooling

            If you are considering homeschooling, the first thing I would recommend is to take a long hard look at your situation. Don’t get me wrong, I think homeschooling could be the best education for your child, but I also believe that homeschooling isn’t for everyone. Count the cost.

How committed are you to the venture? Are you willing to set aside your own agenda, if schooling your child requires it? How does your spouse feel about the idea? I strongly urge that both parents be committed to homeschooling otherwise one parent may wind up carrying the whole load. If you choose to homeschool, be aware that the chores of running your household may have to be done differently or shared differently between all in the family.

Do you need to work outside the home? While I have seen some people do it brilliantly, I’ve seen others drown in the situation. Do you think you can take on the extra responsibility? Pray for the Lord’s guidance. He will show you whether this is a good direction for your family.

A Diamond in the Rough,


On Ghostwriting


Have you ever considered using your writing talents as a ghostwriter? Cec Murphy wrote an article discussing his experiences as a ghostwriter. It is worth the read.



I became a ghostwriter in 1981 when I wrote the autobiography of a famous country-and-western singer. That was long before our names began to appear with a by-line.

After the editor explained how the system worked, I thought about the project. It was an important question in my growth as a person and as a writer. I finally asked myself, “Can I write a book and not care who gets credit?” Click here to read more.