A Little Nagging Sense


A Little Nagging Sense

            Although my daughter was born two and a half months premature and very small, when we were finally able to bring our child home, the doctor made the comment to us, “She will grow up to become a normal child”. That little statement made a huge impact on my expectations for the future, and I dismissed any concern I had for her development.

When she was about four years old I began to notice that her playmates tended to mother her. “She’ll catch up.” I told myself. After all she was premature, and at the time an only child. There were other things in her behavior that seemed a bit off, like getting extremely upset over little things. In fact there was a toy she had as a baby I stopped giving to her because she would get angry every time I did. We discovered that cow’s milk would set her off, so we determined she had an allergy to cow’s milk like one of her cousins.

I still had a little nagging sense something wasn’t right. I talked to the pediatrician. “Don’t worry, she was premature. She’ll catch up.” He’d say.  I talked to other mothers about her behavior. “Oh, they all do that.” So, once again I ignored the little nagging sense that something wasn’t right. I’m just a nervous mother. That had to it. Years later I realized the degree of immature behavior I spoke of was over the top compared to the average child. Yes, they all did those things but not as often or with the same intensity as my child.

When our son joined the family, the little nagging sense returned. As a baby I watched him figure things out on his own. Behavior I had not seen often in my daughter. It took us a number of more years to discover that yes, there was something wrong. Her neurologist held a strong belief and I’m inclined to agree with. “The mother is ALWAYS RIGHT!”  Do you have a little nagging sense about your child? My advice to you is to pursue it vigorously.

A Diamond in the Rough,



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