Don’t be a Lone Wolf

Homeschooling Alone?

While homeschooling can hold great rewards, it’s not something you want to do as a lone wolf. Get connected with other homeschoolers. Look for a support group or a co-op to get involved with. Often one runs into issues that may seem insurmountable, but many times a good homeschooling veteran will have insight to help you over the humps of homeschooling.

Also I recommend looking for a good homeschooling conference to attend. The one I attended in Colorado was a wealth of wisdom and curriculum right under one roof. The time and money is well worth the effort in most cases. It also is a great place to make connections with those in your area that are homeschooling.

If you can’t find a support group, all you need to start one is one other homeschooling friend. Start your own. I did that, when I felt I needed more support with others that were homeschooling special needs children. Our group was never large, but the return was still well worth it.

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