Tame the Beast

Infertility can strain out your marriage, and if you are involved in infertility treatment that alone puts unnatural demands upon your relationship. The bond you have with your spouse is the most important human relationship you have. Even if you eventually have children, most likely they will grow up, and then move on to their adult lives. You and your spouse will be left alone once again. Don’t allow your struggle with infertility to destroy what you already have.

Trying and trying again can become a vicious cycle that could consume your entire life if you let it. Tame the beast. Sit down with your spouse, pray about it and set limits to your quest. If you bring the Lord into your situation, you can be assured that He will work and guide you through this trial. Decide how much money you are willing to spend and how many cycles you will continue to try. If you don’t get pregnant within those limits, accept that God is guiding you into something different.

The next decision that will need to be made is to answer “the what now” question. Do you want to adopt or remain childless? Once that question is answered, set your life on that course. You don’t want to be caught in an endless cycle that if allowed to go on too long, could devour up your option to adopt. Take control. Tame the beast.

The Diamond in the Rough,



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