Why Are You Considering Homeschooling?

Home Education

There are many reasons to homeschool. Some people do it because they think it is a cool thing to do and think it will be the best situation for their children.

Most people, however, come to homeschooling through another reason. Some homeschool because they have a child that has severe allergies, while others make the choice because their child is being bullied at school, or because  their child struggles to keep up with a class due to a learning disability.

Whatever the reason, homeschooling has been the answer for many families.

A Diamond in the Rough,




2 thoughts on “Why Are You Considering Homeschooling?

  1. pathfindershomeschoolmentoring says:

    A very important question to ask oneself, Nancy! I believe it’s key to identify why we do what we do, particularly when it comes to the education of our children. Our underlying principles guide the path we will take our children down and it’s best to be intentional with that path.

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