Making Adjustments to Homeschool

Our Ideas For Homeschooling

When we chose to homeschool our daughter, it required many adjustments to our family. My son was still a preschooler and very hyperactive. I realized going in something would need to change. Our daughter would learn nothing with him bouncing around the room and interrupting every few seconds. So, we brought our daughter home for school but had to send our son to preschool elsewhere.

Many homeschoolers may gasp at such a solution, but for our family, that was what worked. Yes, in those early years, my husband had it pitch in a bit more to make things work, but if you are flexible, it can be done.

A Diamond in the Rough,



2 thoughts on “Making Adjustments to Homeschool

  1. hecticpeace says:

    In my experience flexibility is 110% required to make things run smooth from year to year as our families change, grow and have different needs…good for you…

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