The Mystery of the Imagination

Where Does Your Imagination Lead You?

One of the things that make us different from the animal world is our ability to imagine. Since the beginning of time, man has told stories of the imagination.

Every invention is born in someone’s mind. We don’t find man’s best friend building houses and making machines. No, imagination is unique to human kind.


Imagination is evidence that man was created in God’s image. Our very existence was birthed in the mind of God. One serious look at our world and universe tells us that our Creator has a vast imagination.

So, the simple answer to our question is, our imaginations should lead us to God.

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Punctuation Errors In Writing


Writers of all varieties make mistakes in writing. Punctuation is a common one. Today’s featured link discusses ideas on improving punctuation in writing.


When writers pose a question, or call attention to one, they sometimes impose unnecessary punctuation in the framing sentence. Here are a few examples of extraneous punctuation in such sentences. Click here to read the list of helpful tips.

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Homeschooling Tips For Beginners

New to homeschooling?

This article lists some helpful tips to aid homeschool families.


Conversations about homeschooling often center on the kids—how they’re learning, what they’re learning, if they’re learning—but often, especially in the first years of homeschooling, the majority of the learning is actually being done by the parent. After all, becoming a teacher, developing an educational philosophy tailored to your child, navigating state education requirements and still parenting is a tall order, especially for someone just starting out. If you are considering homeschooling but are unsure where to begin, here are four tips to help you get started. Click here to read this helpful article.

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Book Marketing Ideas


I read a lot of blogs on writing craft. It is helpful to hone my skills as a writer. In today’s market, writers need to do quite a bit of work marketing their own works. In an ever-changing writing world, it is important to keep abreast on what are the current trends and ideas. Today’s featured link discusses that changing market. I hope you find it helpful.


On Wednesdays, the authors here at the WSWC blog write about book marketing.

As I prepared to write this post, I thought about the marketing I do every day. I wondered if those activities are unique to me, or if they are common to fellow authors. Click here to read the rest of this interesting article.

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Where Do Ideas Come From?

Where is the Idea Factory?

My daughter loves the Harry Potter series, and begged me to take her to see each movie. Being the writer that I am, I would sit and wonder how J. K. Rowling could come up with such a fanciful world. Every scene took place in a world very unlike my own.


It wasn’t until I took a trip to the United Kingdom that my question was answered. The British writer wrote from her own world. The wonderful settings that mesmerize us Americans are common to the Brits. All that J. K. Rowling did was to embellish her own world.

What’s sits around you that is your window into another world?

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