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Write For The Right Reason


I thought this article was interesting. Sometimes it feels like no one is paying attention to the words of a writer. But out there somewhere, someone is touched by the words of a writer. I hope you are encouraged by this piece.



“Sometimes it feels like nobody’s listening,” my writer friend groaned.

Can you relate? Have you ever poured your heart and soul into an article or proposal only to hear the cruel sound of silence? It’s frustrating.

So we just keep slogging away, right? Click here to read more.

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Speculative Fiction And Facts

Writers should research the facts needed to write an interesting fiction novel. The speculative genre is no different. If you are a writer of fantasy or sci-fi, you might find today’s featured post quite interesting.



The Da Vinci Code” has old over 30 million copies since it debuted in 2003. It has been translated into over 40 languages. Not too bad for a work of fiction that in its author’s own words are based completely on “facts”:

“FACT:   All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.”

No other recent work of fiction has stirred up as much controversy not only among Christian scholars but among secular historians. Christians quickly mounted an attack on the book citing the false nature of the “facts”. Click here to read the rest of this interesting article.

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Great Tips For Special Needs Families

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Today’s featured link is a timely piece for special needs parents. I love the suggestions that the writer leaves for readers.


Remember those childhood days of running around with your friends and cousins playing games. Whether it was a board game or some made up game in the backyard there were rules to the game.

‘touch base and you’re safe’ or ‘get all your pieces safely home then you win!’ Click here to read the rest of this interesting article.

If you have a special needs child or student, I’d suggest spending some time on the website. It is chock full of great ideas.

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