Ruling the Unruly

What Does One Do With An Unruly Child?

Not all children with special needs exhibit bad behavior, but many do. If your child has a disability, but looks “normal”, many parents of these kids endure the judgment of their peers. It puts pressure on parents when others don’t understand.

Keep in mind the problem is their lack of knowledge and experience, not your inability to teach your child. Often this pressure comes from extended family members. They feel embarrassed by your child’s behavior as well. When this happens it’s time for a heart to heart with those relatives.

Ask for their help to distract or remove the child from the area, and tell them that because of the child’s disability, it will take them longer to learn appropriate behavior. Ask them to be on your child’s side and explain gently that their judgmental attitudes will not help you or your child, but that understanding will go a long way.

A Diamond in the Rough,




2 thoughts on “Ruling the Unruly

  1. brenda j. clutter says:

    I know that I allowed the negative feedback from others to affect the way I saw my daughter. Then one day a family member said,” I know she has ruined your family.” What a check from God. My daughter has been difficult and yes on some days impossible but she ruined nothing. I asked God’s forgiveness and began seeing her for herself (the good along with the bad) and how God sees me and her. It has made the difference.
    Brenda J. Clutter

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