The Story Inside You


I am so excited about today’s featured post. The article is inspiring and just what a writer needs to read. Have you ever been inundated with story ideas from well-meaning friends and relatives? They mean well but those ideas are their story ideas. The ones the writer has, are the ones that should be written down.

So remember, your story ideas are the ones that you should be writing. And yes, ideas from others can be very helpful and should be considered. But the basic story inside you, is the one that should be written.


Many years ago, before I’d even opened a blank document on my laptop, I imagined the sort of novel I might write someday. It would be an Important Book, one that would unveil a deeper aspect of the human experience.

Maybe, if I were lucky, the book would be reviewed by The New York Times and shortlisted for a few awards. My former classmates would read the book and tell me it brought them to tears, and my name would be mentioned in the same breath as Anne Tyler and Richard Russo. Perhaps Jeffrey Eugenides would invite me around for tea. Click here to read all about it.




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