When Should I Tell My Child He’s Adopted?

Telling Children They Are Adopted

The fact that a child is adopted should never be hidden. I believe the child should hear the word adoption even as a baby. You don’t want to overdo it, but mention it when it’s natural.

Telling a good friend in front of them is okay, because it is the truth. Make it seem natural. Even when my son was a baby, I would tell him, “I’m glad we adopted you.”


Frame it as a good thing. Don’t give the child the impression that there is something wrong with adoption, or that they should be embarrassed about it.

Our adoption was an open adoption and most years we would get together with Kelly’s family sometime around my son’s birthday. Even when he was very young, I would explain to him that he came out of Kelly’s tummy and that he was blessed because he had two families that loved him.

This approach prevents the child from enduring unnecessary trauma when they find out the truth.

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Cultivating Thankfulness to Soothe an Aching Heart

Let’s Give Thanks

Since we are in the Thanksgiving season, count your blessings. If desire for a child is intense, it can blind us to the gifts we are receiving.


Take time to thank the Lord for all the good things He has given you. It will refocus your perspective. Most of us come to realize we have a lot more to be thankful for than we think.

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Tips For Writers

Writers need to build their platforms. Today’s featured link has some helpful tips on making that job easier.


The whole idea of “building a platform” and “marketing your book” is to get people to read what you’ve written. Whether you’re traditionally or self-published, connecting with potential readers is crucial. There are many good ways to do this (although it’s not necessarily easy), and plenty of resources to  help you. Today I want to point out the most common mistakes I see authors making in the effort to connect with readers. Click here to read more.


Writing A Good Beginning

Cec Murphy is running a great series on his site. The topic is writing a good beginning. I have enjoyed the series and I would recommend that readers start from the beginning of the posts and read all of them.



Last words on first words.

One way to learn to write good beginnings is to see how the professionals do it. Although some do it better than others, I learned a great deal about beginnings by reading only first paragraphs of half a dozen books every day for a week. Click here to learn more.