It’s Okay to be Childless


The Choice to Remain Childless

I had a conversation the other day with two middle aged friends over coffee. During the course of our conversation, one of them admitted, with hesitancy, that she had no children. My other friend then admitted that she too, had never given birth.


I wondered about these two women, but sensed asking them if they had children was a sensitive topic. They both shared how they felt judged by other Christians because they had not been “fruitful and multiplied”. How sad.

God has not called us all to cookie cutter lives. Some are called to be childless just as some are called to adopt or give birth. Yes, some people choose not to have children for selfish reasons, but it should never be assumed.

If you feel you have been called to remain childless then don’t be shy in telling those friends how you feel. Let them know that you are Okay with how things are.

A Diamond in the Rough,



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