A Word For The Year

Here is a nifty idea that might be an encouragement to you. I hope you enjoy this article.


Like many writers I’ve been choosing a “word for the year” for a few years now. Sometimes the word chooses me. It will be the word I meditate on, pray about and try to include in a conversation throughout the year. Ideally, I would do these things every day. But to be honest I have to remind myself. The past two years I’ve kept a sliver of a sticky note at the top of my computer. For 2013 it reads: Communion.

During the week between Christmas and New Year, with the last ginger cookie eaten and the last bits of wrapping paper recycled, I like to ponder the past year, look forward to the new and muse over the traditional resolutions. Somewhere in that jumble of thoughts a word for the next year might tumble out. Click here to read more.



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