Details are important in a manuscript. This article discusses word count confusion.

Did you know that every little detail you include–or leave out–in your book proposal reveals something about you? That’s why we stress on this blog that you need to put as much effort into preparing it as you do writing your manuscript. One of those details that results in a keep-reading or an instantaneous reject-now response from the agent or editor is your word count.

Yes, the word count you provide on your summary page communicates more than the fact you know you need to include it. It shows how well aware you are of the acceptable range for your genre and that you have complied with it. It’s especially important for debut authors to get this right. Click here to learn more.



For The Faint Of Heart?

Writing is tough. This article is an encouraging one. Enjoy.


Writing a novel is certainly not for the faint of heart. The weak in limbs or the feeble of mind. Writing is for the passionate and driven, those willing to fight the battle against the piles of laundry and undusted home surfaces. Those willing to spend hours glued to one’s desk chair and foregoing much in the way of normal civilized activities. Those willing to exercise less and consume more chocolate for the sacrifice of the next Great American Novel pouring out of their fingertips.

No, writing is definitely not for the weak in spirit. Click here to learn more.


Lessons from the Promised Land~Cana


Jesus performed His first miracle in Cana. He attended a wedding in a hall built for such occasions. I got the privilege of seeing the remains of this hall.

During the celebration the host ran out of wine. Jesus’ mother, Mary, came and told Jesus that they had run out of wine. “So, why are you telling me?” was Jesus’ basic response. Mary knew her son and just told the servants to do whatever he said to do.


Jesus instructed the servants to fill the water pots with water. I used to have this picture of the servants filling little pitchers with water. This, however, is not at all what they filled. These were pots that were for ritual cleansing. They were large stone pots standing well over four feet high and too large for one man to lift.

There was one of these ancient pots at the site. I realized those poor servants must have made many trips from the well to fill just one of those pots. They knew what they had put into those massive stone containers, and it wasn’t wine.

How shocked they must have been when they dipped it out to the guests at the wedding and it had turned into the best wine available. Jesus’ first miracle was no small miracle. He turned that wedding into the best celebration ever.

Do you need a miracle in your life? Look to Jesus for your miracle, for with Him, nothing is impossible.

A diamond in the rough,


Writer’s Resources

If you are a writer, it is important to have a few resources at your disposal. Today’s featured article discusses some of the author’s favorites.


This blog is not about your favorite treat, although a bowl of M&Ms does seem to make the creativity flow at rocket speed. I want to talk about the kind of candy that sweetens our writing, the books that take our craft to the next level.

I have personal favorites, and these are the ones I want to share with you.

1. When I’m stuck on creating a character with unique goals:

The Art of Character by David Corbett springboards me to discover character insight and motivation. My goal is to create the unforgettable character, and his wisdom helps me to write the memorable. Click here to read the rest of this article.