Lessons from the Promised Land~Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel stands above the valley of Mediggo known also as the place where the battle of Armageddon is prophesied to happen. Some interesting things happened atop this mountain. The main event I’d like to write about today is what Elijah did here.


Much of Israel had fallen into idol worship and worshipped Baal instead of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, so Elijah challenged four-hundred and fifty prophets of Baal to sacrifice to their god and pray for supernatural fire to fall from heaven to consume their sacrifice.

After they prayed, chanted and cut themselves throughout most of the day to inspire their god Baal to send fire, Elijah built his altar, put the sacrifice on the altar and had the whole thing doused with water. He then prayed to the living God to send fire and prove to the Israelites that He was the true and living God.

The Lord sent fire not just to consume the sacrifice, but it burned up the rocks that made the altar and licked up all the water. The Lord proved His existence to the nation of Israel that day.

I find it interesting that the Lord will come in the last days and prove His existence just below this mountain in the valley of Armageddon, but this time it will be to the entire world. We can be confident that the true and living God will show up in your circumstance today, if you don’t doubt Him.

A diamond in the Rough,


Lessons from the Promised Land


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