Writing And Editing

Writing the story is part of the story. Editing and rewriting until it is polished is the rest of the story. This article provides some helpful tips on that process.


Here’s a universal fact: Most writers tend to be resistant toward editing, whether it’s out of fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, or a protective stance toward their work. Let’s say you’ve spent months, possibly a year or more, writing your manuscript. Perhaps you’ve spent four hours every Thursday morning crafting your book, putting everything you have into it, sacrificing free time and time with your friends and family. You think your book is pretty darn good, and you’re sure your editor will think so, too.

Then you get the manuscript back from your editor.

As you look through the pages, you see your manuscript seemingly butchered in red ink or electronic marks. You then read her detailed e-mail, including some shocking feedback: “Chapters one, two, three, five, six, and seven are very strong…but chapter four seems a bit off topic. You might consider cutting it.” Suddenly, your beloved writing pen becomes a shield, your nostrils flare, and you find yourself breathing fire. Your mind reeling, you think, But, but, but…I spent weeks on that chapter! Click here to learn more.



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