Deep Sea Creature

I enjoyed homeschooling. Now that my children are adults, I still look for articles that might interest homeschool families. Today’s featured article discusses long-term study on a sea creature. It also touches on an evolution idea. If you teach from a creationist perspective, it is good to know the terms used from the evolution point of view. I love science and enjoy reading articles on the latest from the science world.

Lurking in the deep sea is a marine creature thought to be one of the world’s largest sea anemones. But the animal, which has tentacles measuring more than 6 feet (2 meters) long, isn’t an anemone but rather the first known organism in a new order of animals, according to new research. 

In the four-year study, researchers created a “tree of life” for sea anemones, which are sometimes called “flowers of the sea” but are actually stationary meat-eating animals. In doing so, they examined the DNA of Boloceroides daphneae — discovered in 2006 in the deep Pacific Ocean — and found the creature stood out as not fitting on the sea anemone tree of life at all. Click here to learn more.



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