Housewives and Writing?

Today’s featured post, is a fun twist on a contemporary program. The author uses it to point out things writers face.

When I have a hard time getting words on the page, I don’t make the wisest decisions. That said, I’ve watched a lot of the Real Housewives of Everywhere this summer. And you know what? I’ve learned an awful lot about how to succeed in business!

10. Don’t be afraid to look foolish. The Real Housewives don’t seem to mind, and every time you turn around one of them has a new book deal! That might be a bad example. But what if some of the great, ground breaking CBA authors hadn’t been willing to create a new genre of fiction that honored God? Don’t let fear keep you from new opportunities. To read the rest of this interesting list, click here.



What Is Head-Hopping?

What is head-hopping?

Let’s define terms. “Head-hopping” is the practice of switching point-of-view characters within a single scene. This is not the same as the omniscient point-of-view, which would allow your narrator to know things that none of the characters know.

If you want to start a war among fiction writers, a golden way to do it is to tell everyone that they can’t hop heads. Or tell them that they can. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more.


Hark! How the Angels Sing

Lessons from the Promised Land

In Bethlehem, just a short walk from the Church of the Nativity, the place of Jesus’ birth, is a shallow cave. The opening of this cave is glassed in making it a small chapel.

Inside, we sat against the wall of the cave and sang a Christmas carol as we gazed out over the stony and hilly fields where the shepherds watched their flocks by night. I could picture them sitting around a small fire when suddenly, a host of heavenly angels appeared and the birth of Jesus was announced to them.

These shepherds tended the flocks of sheep that were used for the temple sacrifices. How prophetic it was, that Jesus, the Lamb of God was born in the place where the sacrificial lambs were raised.

This shows how specific God is as He works in our lives. He will work His beautiful will into your story. Keep your eyes on Him.

A Diamond in the Rough,


Great Writing Advice

Practical articles on writing are helpful to read. This one tells it like it is. Writing is hard work and is accomplished with consistency.

Last week a former student from the college where I teach asked me to meet with him to discuss career direction. He wants to be a writer.

The first thing I told him—in spite of my usual rants on originality—was, “Don’t quit your day job.”

Cliché, perhaps. Truth, absolutely.

He nodded and chuckled. Not exactly the sage advice he was hoping for from a professional writer. However, I figured if I started with the hard cold facts, everything else would be warm and fuzzy. Click here to read the rest of this interesting article.


Writers Duties

What does the quote below have to do with writing? That is a really good question. The author of today’s featured post uses the quote in an interesting way.


Atheist, Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) describes what is now known as a postmodern worldview:

“That man is the product of causes which had no prevision of the end they were achieving; that his origin, his growth, his hopes and fears, his loves and his beliefs are but the outcome of accidental collocations of atoms; that no fire, no heroism, no intensity of thought and feeling, can preserve an individual life beyond the grave; that all the labors of the ages, all the devotion, all the inspiration, all the noonday brightness of human genius, are destined to extinction in the vast death of the solar system, and that the whole temple of man’s achievement must inevitably be buried beneath the debris of a universe in ruins…” To read the rest of this informative article, click here.


Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem

Lessons from the Promised Land

As we turned into Bethlehem, we had to go through a Palestinian checkpoint. Our Jewish tour guide had to pretend to be on the tour and make room for a Christian Arab to lead us through the city, since Jews are no longer allowed into Bethlehem.

How sad. Bethlehem was founded by the Israelites. In recent centuries, Bethlehem was about 80% Christian, but now it has dwindled to a mere 10% now that the Palestinians control the area.

Our new tour guide took us into the Church of the Nativity which was built centuries ago over the birth place of Jesus. Jesus was born in the cave below.

As we descended into the cave, our guide explained to us that in the section of the cave he was taking us to, archeologists had found the bones of many small children. It appears that the boys two years and younger that were slaughtered by king Herod had been buried in the very place where Jesus was born, evidence that Satan threw a tantrum when our deliverer was born.

Down through history we see Satan throwing tantrums through someone whenever God brings victory. We see it in the story of Moses. Pharaoh kills all the boys two and under at his birth. Satan knew a deliverer had been born.

Satan threw a tantrum through Hitler when he knew he was losing his grip on the dispersion of the children of Israel. God was calling them back to their land.

Why am I bringing this up? Often we see heartbreak before we see victory, so don’t lose heart in your struggles. God is still in control.

A Diamond in the Rough,