Writing Devotionals

Writing devotionals can be fun and at other times, very draining. Today’s featured article provides insight on writing devotionals with a good heart attitude.

There are some, who ask me how I write my devotionals so eloquently, while others stand amazed, as to the words that come from my devotions. First, you must realize that when someone writes devotions; the devotions should never come from themselves but only through the words that God gives us, in our spirits.

Devotionals should become tools to cultivate a life and produce new growth and if God isn’t the main ingredient to the writing; then nothing will be produced, from the words that have been written. When I begin to write my devotions; the first thing I do, is connect with God through a quiet moment of prayer. By doing this; I am allowing God’s presence to enter my heart, so that His words become mine. In other words; I am laying aside all my thoughts, so that He can place His thoughts within me. By doing this; I am allowing God to be seen, through my writings; to others who need His help and guidance. Learn more.



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