Math Curriculum

Now that my homeschooling days are over and the kiddos grown, I still find myself interested in what is going on in the homeschool community. This math curriculum might be of interest to some of you.


Have you met Fred Gauss? He’s a five year old who teaches math at KITTENS University in Kansas. Unless you’ve made it through Calculus you don’t know how he got to be a math professor at age 5, but if you’ve ever met Fred then you know he lives in his office at KITTENS and sleeps under his desk. Also, he eats out of the hallway vending machine and has a doll named Kingie who is an accomplished artist.

We meet with Fred daily and enjoy his adventures from second grade to ninth grade and a few in between. We started using Life of Fred along with Math on the Level (MOTL) a few years ago mainly with my oldest as he finished up his pre-algebra skills and headed into Algebra. MOTL goes up through pre-Algebra preparing students for success in Algebra. Learn more.



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