Help For Dyslexia

If one of your students is struggling with dyslexia, this website provides some helpful information.

Dyslexia varies in severity.  Two of my children are what can be called profoundly dyslexic.  They are both very bright and creative but struggled way more than my other dyslexic kids with reading, writing and spelling.  Two of my kids were moderately dyslexic.  They struggled with reading but after time and with perseverance, were able to read and spell well by working with me at home.  One of my kids was mildly dyslexic and though she was behind her peers for a time, is currently working at and above her grade level.

Individual strengths and weaknesses vary within each child.  Learning styles and personality can have a major effect on how well a child responds to instruction.  There came a time in one of our children’s life that we knew he was simply not progressing at an acceptable pace and that we needed help. He was already in 5th grade but still unable to read much of anything on his own.   The first step to getting help is getting some kind of assessment of your child’s individual learning profile.  What are their specific strengths?  What are their areas of weakness? Learn more.



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