It is important to consistently write our characters they way we designed them. This article is a good one on characterization.

Have you ever been reading a story when suddenly the protagonist does or says something that makes you think, “Oh come on! Why would he do that?” or “This is crazy. Why doesn’t she…?” or “But I thought he…!” or “I didn’t know he/she could [insert extraordinary ability].” The character seems to be acting illogically, to be making decisions with little motivation or contrary to his personality, abilities, or values. Learn more.



Asking For Advice

Have you ever needed direction or felt the need to pray and ask for advice? This article is a good reminder that our writing journey needs to be bathed in prayer.

When I was a kid we had these VHS tapes of animated Bible stories. We watched them over and over. The one I remember most?


And I think the reason I remember it so well is every time I watched it I had a crazy hope that it’d turn out differently. That Samson would be smarter. That he wouldn’t trust Delilah. And that he’d keep his hair and his strength.

‘Course, every time he didn’t. And the ending, when he asks God for one final splash of strength and knocks over some pillars, never made me feel better. Learn more.



Homemade Math Manipulatives

I homeschooled my children for many years. We made as many educational tools as possible. This featured article provides some helpful tips for parents teaching their children math.

In my search for said items, I went for a stroll through our local teacher supply store and was just completely awed by all the cool gadgets, toys, and gizmos that we refer to as “manipulatives”. As I mentioned before I have a couple of kids who require the use of manipulatives to “get” the concept prior to committing the process to memory so I know how expensive it can be to purchase these items. So, I have compiled a list of alternatives to the pricey manipulatives. Learn More.



Deadlines are vital for the writer. Without them, our stories and projects would never get finished. This article is a good reminder to stay on task.

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” ~ Douglas Adams

Amusing quote, and if you’re a writer, no doubt, one you can relate to. It may have even been relevant back in the day when competition was less and publishers had a small stable of authors. They had no choice but to wait. For the author, for the delivery of mail, for the printing press, and the invariable steps publishers went through to make a book ready for market. Read more.


Need Direction?

It is snowing and has been doing so for several days. Sometimes cabin fever can be a bit much. How about you, are you feeling overwhelmed and searching for answers? This article is very inspiring.

Overwhelmed? Drifting above the landscape of your work like a hot air balloon?

Lost your sense of direction? Fear your approaching deadlines?

Searching for answers. When life seems overwhelming, it forces us to look for answers and direction. And it’s important to know where to seek help.

At times, I’m tempted to rely on guidance and encouragement from the resources the world offers me, like the evening news. Instead, it breeds confusion and discouragement, revealing more signs of the ultimate demise of our culture and way of life. Learn more.


Writing From The Heart

As writers, it’s safe to say that we all have a heart for a good story. Otherwise, why do we write? And why would writers be some of the most avid readers?

As Christian authors, what we give our readers has to be more than a great story. People read Christian fiction because of the hope it offers. And we choose to write it because we want to bring glory to our Creator. As stewards of His gift to us-our ability to communicate via words on the page, to create compelling characters, to transport our readers into worlds of our making-it is both our privilege and our responsibility to be intentional in sharing our hearts.

The question I have for you today, and the challenge, is-how does your heart come through in your writing?

Learn more.


True Love

“And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…
So tweasure your wuv.”
The Princess Bride (1987)I adore this quote from the cult classic Princess Bride. But, really what is “true love“?

Is it the feeling that a mother has for her newborn? Is it that moment when you realize that your life is incomplete without another person? Is it the first sip of morning coffee? Is it the sound of skates on the ice rushing toward a puck in a hockey game?

In order to understand the truth in this beautiful four letter word, we need to go to the source of love – Jesus. Read more.