Need Direction?

It is snowing and has been doing so for several days. Sometimes cabin fever can be a bit much. How about you, are you feeling overwhelmed and searching for answers? This article is very inspiring.

Overwhelmed? Drifting above the landscape of your work like a hot air balloon?

Lost your sense of direction? Fear your approaching deadlines?

Searching for answers. When life seems overwhelming, it forces us to look for answers and direction. And it’s important to know where to seek help.

At times, I’m tempted to rely on guidance and encouragement from the resources the world offers me, like the evening news. Instead, it breeds confusion and discouragement, revealing more signs of the ultimate demise of our culture and way of life. Learn more.



4 thoughts on “Need Direction?

  1. Karen Jordan says:

    I spend a lot of time in my writing cave, so I struggle with cabin fever at times, too! We’ve also been “iced in” a few days here, but I can’t imagine being snowed in for WEEKS! Btw, thanks so much for mentioning my article of the WordServe Water Cooler, Nancy! Blessings!

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