New Tomes

If you are looking for a new tome to read this spring, there are a lot of books fresh off the presses listed on the ACFW website. Click here to learn more.



Challenging Writing

As writers, we hold a lot of power with our pen. One reason we write is to ask readers to ponder ideas and discuss them with others.

Great fiction has sometimes changed the way the world thinks. Readers may have identified so closely with a character’s plight that inaction at the end of the story was not an option. Or, an author’s vivid portrayal of filthy housing conditions, chain gangs, or slavery sparked a movement that fostered social change. Books like Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle come to mind. (Sinclair’s novel about the unhealthy conditions in the meatpacking industry was initially rejected by publishers because it was “too shocking!”)

And I’ve read many, many books that have enlarged my world. I’m sure you have, too. Learn more.


Onsite Research

Desktop research is a wonderful tool. At a writer’s fingertips is a complete library, filled with information. So how important is it for an author to seek out primary sources? How valuable is it to visit places, to walk the roads where characters might have walked, to breath the air, to soak up the topography?

It’s not just valuable. It’s vital. Learn more.


Salt And Light Learning

Salt & Light Learning is a company that sells new and used homeschooling curriculum. When I was homeschooling, it was helpful to find used curriculum to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Salt & Light Learning has an inventory of over 25,000 items including new and used homeschool curriculum from Abeka, ACE (School of Tomorrow), Alpha Omega, Apologia, Beautiful Feet, Bob Jones University, Christian Liberty Press, Christian Light Publications, Five in a Row, Konos, My Father’s World, Pathway Readers, Rod and Staff, Saxon, Sonlight Curriculum, Veritas, and other publishers covering various subjects like Bible, History, Language Arts, Math, Science, and more. Learn more.


Mantas And Monk Seals

Mantas and monk seals live around the Hawaiian Islands. Can’t say that I blame them. It is beautiful there. This article is education and just plain fun.

Night divers off Hawaii’s Kona coast last weekend marveled not only at the giant mantas they had planned on viewing, but also at a critically endangered monk seal that interacted with the mantas and the divers for two nights.

It was a magical experience from a purely aesthetic standpoint, given the gracefulness of the mantas as they soared in and out of the lights, feeding on plankton, and the surprise appearance of an agile and curious seal. Learn more.