Target Audience

Platform, platform, platform. We hear it all the time at writing conferences. Build one’s author platform. This article helps the writer keep all of that in perspective.

Target audience. That’s a phrase we hear a lot in this biz, isn’t it? We’re supposed to find our target readers. Gain them as followers. Get their emails so we can add them to the list.

Check, check, and check.

As if writing a novel wasn’t work enough.

I’ve spent hours building platform, ready to pull my hair out as the numbers crawl along. Five hundred followers. One thousand. Will it ever be enough? Will I ever be enough? Read more.




Organic Gardening

With spring in full swing, for some planting a garden is a top priority. Gardening is a great way to teach children about science, nutrition, and eating organic foods.

With the high cost of organics in the supermarket, you might assume that gardening organically is expensive and difficult. The fact is that it doesn’t have to be. You can start an organic garden quite cheaply, using basic supplies and techniques as old as time. Here are seven ways to go organic in the garden without spending a fortune. Learn more.


Meals In Minutes

Life gets so busy that cooking dinner can slide under the radar. This article provides some recipes to help busy people get dinner on the table a little bit quicker.

As busy adults, we need to find ways to maximize the use of our time. While most of us try to plan our meals ahead of time, there are days when even the best planning is not going to get dinner on the table in a timely manner. This link provides some quick recipes to have dinner ready in about ten minutes. Learn more.



Cec Murphy is running a series on editors. It would be worth the hop over there to read all the posts.

This hasn’t happened to me (yet), but it’s not uncommon among authors. You might as well prepare yourself in case it happens. So here are a few tips for responding to the request for a serious revision.

* Respect your editor and her opinion. It’s easy to tell yourself your editor wants to ruin your marvelous writing. Or you can tell yourself that you’re a good writer—and that person is only an editor and he doesn’t know good writing. Read more.

Spell Checkers

The spell check feature on computers often misses the correct spelling used in a sentence if the word is a homonym.

We all know that spell checkers aren’t much help in catching homonyms. English speakers are still expected to discern the difference between pear, pare, and pair by drawing on what they should have learned in school.

Some words, however, have no sound-alikes. Spell checkers do a great job of flagging one-of-a-kind words like tragedy, definitely, Wednesday, February, separate, argument, calendar, and truly. Some applications even go so far as to change the spelling without any need for human input—a feature I find especially irritating when I want to misspell a word on purpose. Read more.