Adoption and Writing

Two sisters, who were adopted as little ones, were reunited as adults when they both attended the same writing class.

Lizzie Valverde, 35, and Katy Olsen, 34, found each other when they both enrolled in the same writing class at Columbia University. Learn more.



Rivet Your Readers With Deep Point of View

When the time came to edit my novel, I ran across this helpful book. It made deep POV a lot easier to understand. I’d highly recommend it to writers of fiction and narrative non-fiction.

Dear Novelist: Would you like your readers to live your stories, not merely read them? Deep Point of View anchors your readers inside the point of view character(s) of your novel. This handbook shows you how to perform the transformation from ordinary narrative to deep narrative in clear, easy-to-master steps. I invite you to sweep your writing to the next level with a technique that creates immediacy and intimacy with your readers and virtually eliminates show/don’t tell issues. My Best to You, Jill Learn more.


Journey to Homeschooling

Former teachers share their stories about their journeys to homeschooling. Be sure to read the comments at the bottom of the page. It’s interesting.

Have you ever wondered why some people choose to homeschool? Five of us on the Hip Homeschool Moms team were formerly public or private school teachers. It surprises most people that we would choose to homeschool our children instead of sending them to school somewhere. After all, we were teachers ourselves! We believe in sending children to school, not in homeschooling! Right? In order to answer that question, we decided to share our stories with you this week. All five of us chose to homeschool for very different reasons. Yet we all came to the same conclusion. Homeschooling was (and is) the right thing for our families.  Learn more.


Educator Discount Program at Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble offers their customers a discount. Homeschooling families, it is something to look into.

Barnes & Noble offers pre k-12 educators, librarians, and homeschoolers a 20% discount off the publisher’s list price on select items that we consider suitable for use in the classroom or with the student population, including most hardcover and paperback books, toys, and games. Learn more.