Writing Through Discouragement

Writing is a lonely endeavor. Sometimes it can be quite discouraging. This article helps us reexamine the writing call.

As a writer do you ever deal with discouragement?

Wait! Isn’t that the definition of a writer?

Rejection and discouragement dog all artists, and the writing life is full of reasons to be downhearted.

I’m just like the rest of you, and I battle discouragement all the time.

The operative word in that sentence, however, is battle.

As in, fight against discouragement and all its attendant downer friends.

To that end, I’ve come up with things to do when my confidence in my ability and my work feels . . . threatened. Learn more.



Keeping On

Do you need a word of encouragement? Is your writing stalled? This article provides some helpful insight.

I’m working on rewrites right now on a project that just may finallllly be coming together. Ever feel like that?

Let me back up a little bit. At the end of May, I printed off a manuscript I’ve been working on. That gave me a chance to see it in hard copy, read it aloud in a different setting than the usual. A very fruitful exercise, if by fruitful you count:

Discouragement—this thing will never be ready

Disappointment—I thought this story was stronger than this

Fear—do I have what it takes to do this? Learn more.


A Quiet Place

How do you relax? What is your favorite daily place to get away too?

How many of us live quiet lives in quiet homes with a comfortable reading chair we use strictly for our quiet post-dinner hour reading sessions?

A few of us.

Most read on planes, in waiting rooms, before falling asleep at night, during kids’ soccer or gymnastics practices, while watching television or waiting for the potatoes to boil.

What does that mean for writers? Learn more.


Counting the Days

Leeann Bett’s new book, Counting the Days: A 31-day devotional for accountants, bookkeepers, and financial folk, will be releasing soon. If you are a numbers person or have a loved one who is, this might be a great book for consideration. Pre-release orders are being accepted right now!

A 31-day devotional designed to lead the reader into their daily quiet time, this book consists of 5-minute accounting-related devotionals. Immerse yourself in God’s word on a regular basis and see the positive changes in your walk with the Lord. Learn more.


On Giving Up

This is a great article on perseverance.

There’s a picture floating around Facebook of a guy eagerly digging a tunnel in search of diamonds. He’s been at it a long time and finally gives up. We can see the whole picture and know that just a few more plunges of his pickaxe will unleash the diamonds. He doesn’t know that. He’s tired and he walks away. Just before the reward.

Writing is like that. We work feverishly for long hours, never knowing when the reward is coming. We struggle. We run out of energy. We want to give up and do something easier. There is so much that gets in the way of our writing. For some, it’s a day job. For others, it’s family commitments. Still others deal with writers block. Or we hit a dry season. Whether good or bad, there is much in life that drains our energy. Learn more.


Book Reviews

I had a rough day a couple of weeks ago. My daughter fell and badly sprained her ankle. My 96-year-old mother-in-law fell in her kitchen, which I’ve determined is her personal Bermuda Triangle. After 4 firefighters came and helped her back up, I went and checked on her

Two falls before noon. Yes, gravity behaved badly that day.

While I managed to stay upright, my emotions were off-kilter, thanks to anxiety and juggling regular life with these unexpected emergencies. By midnight, I was worn out and yet wide-awake, adrenalin still coursing through my veins. So what did I do? Learn more.


Fun Go Carts

Boys of all ages will probably like this article. Many girls of all ages will too. This incredible invention would be fun in a novel, but more fun to ride. Enjoy.

Jet engines go on planes. Go-kart engines go in…well… go-karts. But not today, no this is something very special, if a bit overkill. 

Meet Colin Furze. He’s all things plumber, stuntman, and inventor, and his latest project involved taking a massive home-built jet engine and grafting it atop an old go-kart chassis. It’s loud, it belches quite a lot of fire, and it blasts a wide-eyed Furze up to a zippy 61 mph. Not what you’d call your average backyard go-kart build. Take a look.