Different Points of View

It is important to understand the different points of view in writing. This article provides some helpful tips.

We are told to write from close third person point of view. This is the POV of choice for today’s audience and publishers. And yet I notice from time to time a yearning for omniscient POV, among readers as well as writers, perhaps a nostalgic yearning for a time when the storyteller knew everything, saw everything from on high, as God would. A day when, truth be told, questions had answers.

That is, after all, how fiction was born. It grew out of nonfiction, personal accounts that expanded into storytelling. Boccaccio’s The Decameron, an early example (mid-fourteenth century), is a collection of ten stories told by Florentines escaping plague in the city, told as though they were true accounts. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (late fourteenth century) is a collection of tales told by pilgrims journeying to Canterbury. So, in a sense, these works are nonfiction. Learn more.



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