Great Work Ideas

Each year I strive to become more efficient in my writing and all things writing related. This article has some great tips on time management.

Every year around this time my mind begins to wander (more). The days are getting shorter, and it’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is three measly weeks from today, and then onto Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the pressure of so many work-related things yet to do before the end of the year: proposals to polish and send to publishers, and manuscript submissions needing a read and a reply. I feel a weight of guilt over that one because client needs and contract negotiations come first, and some of these writers have been waiting a while. You surely have your own set of circumstances that raise your stress and guilt levels too. We’ll always have these to deal with, but a few personalized adjustments to your writing environment can boost your outlook for work optimization any time of year. Learn more.



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