First Drafts

First drafts of any project are far from what the finished project will be. This article provides an interesting take on rough drafts.

My son is working on college application essays and one of my daughters is tackling her first two high school English classes and all the writing that goes with them. First drafts are flying around this house!

And they are stymieing my kids…
The Bronte Plot
First drafts are tough because we want them to read like the final product. We want the words to flow with resonance, cadence and brilliance – and the ideas should do the same. But idea-generating, honing, editing and revising all in one moment is seriously hard work. You might be able to do it (I can’t), but I suspect you’ll end up frustrated, anxious and, maybe, have only a couple sentences down at the end of the day. A full manuscript will probably never come…I’m doubting we’ll even get a 200 word college essay around here. Learn more.



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