Writing Science Fiction

Science Fiction is such a fun genre. The world building and characters are so much fun to develop. This article is a great one for writers.

This was an epic week for science-fiction fans, a week when real-life scientists validated one of the most cherished sci-fi legends. A pair of astronomers at Caltech revealed strong evidence for the existence of Planet X, the long-rumored world lurking at the edge of our solar system. Learn more.




Self-Publishing is a journey many authors choose to take. Here’s an interesting take on it.

Self-Publishing is a bit like running a lemonade stand, only without government interference. There’s a little something called the First Amendment, you see. With that in mind, what are some of the lessons we can glean from those little businesses we used to see in the summer by the side of the road? Learn more.






Coming up with ideas can be a challenge for writers. This article has some helpful suggestions.

We all have dreaded days when we stare at a blank page, unable to come up with an idea. Those are the times writers need to allow their resources of Brainstorming and Inspiration to move into free-flowing gear. Notice I said, “allow” because free-flowing thoughts can’t be manufactured.

Brainstorming: “noun; a conference technique of solving specific problems, amassing information, stimulating creative thinking, developing new ideas, etc., by unrestrained and spontaneous participation in discussion” (Dictionary.com). Learn more.


Book Signings

Book Signings

Book signings can prove to be a new adventure for a first time author. This article helps with the preparation beforehand.

So…you’ve written a book. More than that, you’ve gone through the proper steps to get it published! Congratulations!  Once the moment of euphoria wears off you’ll start to wonder…what now? If you’re anything like me you’ve looked up every bookstore within driving distance, called them and scheduled a book signing.

Here are a few useful tips for your big day. Learn more.




New Writers

If you are new to the writing journey, this article might be of interest.

The calls, emails, and questions I get most often as an author are from new writers who say, “I’ve just finished a book.  What do I do now to get it published?” Most hope to be traditionally published—versus self-publishing their book—so I’m addressing my blog response to these writers.

Dear new author …

Learn more.


First Person Point-of-View

Are you struggling with understanding how to write in first-person? Cec Murphy is running a series on point of view. It’s worth the trip over there to read everything he has written about on the topic.

Here are a few things you need to consider if you tackle first-person POV.

1. Your readers can know only what your protagonist knows. You can’t have any scenes in which the central character isn’t involved. (A few writers, such as James Patterson have developed a first-person/third-person style. Alex Cross speaks in first person; the antagonist, in alternating chapters, appears in third person.) Learn more.



Awaken: A Paula Moldenhauer Devotional

Guest Post from the author of Soul Scents: Awaken 

God’s timing: Terrible or Perfect?

Paula awaken

“It’s all about God’s timing—and honestly, God’s timing is typically terrible,” my nineteen-year old son said as we talked yesterday.

We laughed, but I get it. Life can feel like one long waiting game, especially when you catch a glimpse of where you want to be in the future and discover the journey there is longer than you dreamed.

But this week I’m standing in the glorious position of experiencing (not just believing by faith) the perfection of God’s timing.

I’ve dreamed of publishing a devotional book for many years. Last January I believed God released me to get serious about it. I’ve published both traditionally and non-traditionally with good experiences, but this collection was so intimate I wanted to publish it myself. I compiled devotionals I’d written over the years and began penning new ones, hoping to release for 2016.

That’s when it got rough. Writing about spiritual discoveries of recent years required digging deeper into a seven year period where life was really tough for my family. Instead of making progress I found myself sobbing at the computer. Eventually, I sensed God leading me away for healing time alone with Him. For several months instead of feeling like a productive author I curled up with my journal and some Bible study material, asking Him to give me insight into the journey we’d traveled. As winter turned to spring and summer I chose quiet days over work. Sometimes I prayed and processed. Some days I took walks and talked to my flowers!

And I healed.

Then fall came. I felt released to work again. Wouldn’t you know it? Suddenly writing devotions was almost effortless. Even stories of the hard times were no longer painful to tell. It didn’t surprise me my “unproductive healing season” was actually full of writing I now shaped to share with others.

Still, I assumed the “time off” meant my year devotional would release in 2017 instead of 2016 as I’d hoped.

That was before God swooped in and moved at a breathless pace.

Less than a month ago I suddenly realized the word count on the project was too much for one book. What I actually worked on was four separate volumes which collectively offer a year of devotions—and book one needed very little editing to be ready for publication. The same day I pondered this I “happened” to have a conversation with novelist Lisa Samson. When she learned I was working on a devotional collection she offered to design the artwork for it. She is launching a new art company which offers original illustrations, adult coloring pages, and other unique designs under the brand Lisa-Joy. 

Within 48 hours of this conversation, the Lord put together a talented creative team—artwork, book cover, editing, proofreading, formatting, and business consultant–who were committed to seeing the book to completion. Less than three weeks later we uploaded it to Amazon’s Kindle for a pre-launch celebration. The print version releases by Christmas! I’m still stunned to think my dream of offering others a devotional journey for 2016 has come true. I call it as my Christmas miracle.

And that’s why, at least today, God’s timing feels absolutely perfect.

Soul Scents: Awaken is available now on Kindle and in print. 


Paula headshot

Author, speaker, and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer encourages others to be released into full potential through freedom in Christ and the empowerment of God’s grace. Published over 300 times in non-fiction markets, her first devotional book series, Soul Scents, releases in four volumes beginning with Soul Scents: Awaken. Paula’s first two novels released in 2012. Sometimes empty-nesters, Paula and her husband, Jerry, enjoy four adult children and a wonderful son-in-law. Paula loves peppermint ice cream, walking barefoot and talking to her flowers. For inspirational articles, book information, and speaking topics visit: www.paulamoldenhauer.com