Writing Tips

Today’s featured article provides some helpful tips on the writing process.

  1. Word count equals progress.

False. Many of us set word count goals each day. Personally, I consider 2,000 words a day to be a good, solid productive day of work. However, I’ve recently discovered that sometimes you’re better off not writing. What!? It’s true. Sometimes you need to put the pen down or step away from the laptop and do nothing. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but a big part of writing is thinking. There are times when you need to really think about your characters and where your story is going. These are times when you need to stop, slow down and do the necessary behind the scenes work that is required. Otherwise, if you’re just blindly cranking away to make your word count you could end up writing yourself into a 20,000-word corner. I know this because I’ve done it far too many times. Learn more.




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