Writing and Exercise

Many of us sit at our desks for a long time each day. This article reminds us to make sure we fit exercise into our daily routines.

As a writer, I’m pretty much glued to my computer most of the time, so when my vacation week finally arrived, I couldn’t have been happier. The idea of leaving behind frantic deadlines and being able to ignore all Kardashian “breaking” news to spend lazy days with my kids sounded like heaven. And it was. Until I put on my swimsuit. That’s when I realized the scary truth. I have Office Bod–hunched over posture, a flat behind, paunchy midsection, and thigh spread. That’s what happens when you spend hours at your desk. It’s not ideal. Learn more.



Group Activities and Special Needs Students

Today’s featured article discusses helpful tips for families with special needs students and group outings.

For a lot of homeschool families, park playdates are the weekly equivalent of recess. Families descend on a local park for a few hours, the kids get play, parents get to talk and everyone has a good time.

… in theory, that is. Learn more.


Great White Shark

Today’s featured article is about a great white shark. This one is thought to be expecting. If you are studying sharks in your homeschool, you might find this interesting.
It shows a shark, known as Deep Blue, approaching and investigating wide-eyed divers watching from steel cages at Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. As viewers can see, Deep Blue dwarfs not only the divers, but the enormous protective cage, as the female shark swims by and at one point bumps the cage with her snout. Learn more.

Fun Go Carts

Boys of all ages will probably like this article. Many girls of all ages will too. This incredible invention would be fun in a novel, but more fun to ride. Enjoy.

Jet engines go on planes. Go-kart engines go in…well… go-karts. But not today, no this is something very special, if a bit overkill. 

Meet Colin Furze. He’s all things plumber, stuntman, and inventor, and his latest project involved taking a massive home-built jet engine and grafting it atop an old go-kart chassis. It’s loud, it belches quite a lot of fire, and it blasts a wide-eyed Furze up to a zippy 61 mph. Not what you’d call your average backyard go-kart build. Take a look.


Comic Strips

Comic strips can be a fun art and writing activity for children. This might be a great summer activity to keep the younger ones busy.

school hasn’t started yet in our house, but the kids have been hankering for some structure and creativity. so after googling “comic strip templates” and printing up a bunch from this site,


Learn more.